Errol Griebel

Charleston, WV |

I am a big coffee drinker and my favorite thing in the morning is that first cup of coffee to start my day. By far, my favorite coffee comes from Finca La Despensa, especially the espresso roast and blueberry crème. It is important for me that I can taste my coffee and I definitely can in different ways with my “go to” coffee blends, espresso roast and blueberry crème. I find the espresso roast to have a fresh and bold yet smooth taste to it, which is perfectly pleasing to me and the coffee I like to primarily drink during the week. However, I do enjoy switching things up, and that is where my other favorite coffee comes in to play as I have never tasted such a distinct, perfectly flavored coffee as Finca La Despensa’s blueberry crème. It should be noted that flavored coffee is not something I am usually into as I find a lot of flavored coffees to be too overpowering to me, but there is something uniquely special brewing with Finca La Despensa’s blueberry crème. It has a distinct yet subtle blueberry taste that blends so smoothly and naturally with the medium roasted coffee. It is something I especially enjoy to start my day on a Saturday morning.