Darlin Cruz

Bogotá, Colombia, South America |

I can attest firsthand of the Brown family’s visits to my country of Colombia. I have personally traveled with the Brown Family several times to their farm Finca La Despensa in Supatá, Colombia. During their trips, you can find Justin accompanying the local cafeteros picking the ripe coffee cherries during harvest, Duane surveying the coffee farm and socializing with the local families, and Rachel passing out gifts to the children at the nearby school. The Brown family kindheartedly give back to the surrounding community of Supatá by distributing food to the elderly and sick who have no income. I have also had the opportunity to try all the flavors that you can enjoy from Aroma of the Andes. Each have their own distinct aroma after brewing and exquisite taste which compliment the medium roast coffee. I recommend sweetening your coffee with Colombian panela which is cane sugar to get a true taste of Colombia.